Customer Fields

Audience Targeting

It’s easy to waste marketing dollars on people that aren’t truly interested in your product. By knowing specific data about your customer, you can market to unique groups that have a higher likelihood of buying. Being able to target specific audiences can make all the difference in marketing efforts.

  • Use gender, age, and location to create a lookalike audience for Facebook advertising
  • Send personalized emails based on custom fields
  • Send a marketing campaign for a specific segment of customers
  • Send a happy birthday email every year with a free gift

Account creation and approval

Gather all relevant customer data points into a single profile. It means less hunting around for the right details, since all the details you need to know are in one place. If you need to approve each account, get notified and review their details.

  • Create a wholesale registration form
  • Build a profile to register events you host
  • Import customer data via an API with custom fields

Augmented shopping experiences

A truly unique shopping experience is one that is tailored specifically for that customer. Knowing a few key points can mean getting customers in the right place to see the products they’re most likely interested in. Developers can implement unique experiences by using the data from Customer Fields to build a unique view for a logged in customer.

  • Only show the products that are in stock for the customer’s size
  • Show a unique banner message depending on a custom field
  • Run a questionnaire which recommends a product