Customer Fields

Drag and drop form builder

Building a custom form shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to add new fields to your form and install it on your theme with just a few clicks. Start with one of our form templates and make it your own! No code required.

Fluid customer data

Customer data is only valuable when it’s easily accessible. Our app saves customer data in metafields, your Shopify admin, and our own in-app database where you can filter, segment, or export to your CRM or marketing tool.

Powerful form logic

Now you can implement advanced customization options on your form without a developer! To name just a few examples, you can hide fields, tag customers, and redirect users to certain pages, all based on conditions you define.


Autotag customers

Set up rules that will auto-tag the customer depending on a field selection.

Theme friendly

Simple auto-installation that can be applied to any of your Shopify themes.

Advanced field validation

Ensure customers enter correct information by validating fields however you need.

Language settings

Easily edit copy and translation preferences directly in the app.

Metafield Storage

We store any custom value in Metafields, which are accessible to Liquid and the Shopify API.


Get notified when your customer creates or updates their account.

Editable Profile

Customers can directly edit their profile right within their account page.


Use our REST API to programmatically access or change custom data fields.

Import & Export

Data portability from Customer Fields to other apps like spreadsheets, email senders, or CRMs.

Developer ready

Developers can create unique registration experiences seamlessly.